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Picture Your Property

a picture is worth more than words

        You know what they say, a first impression is you're last. Put your best foot forward with high quality HDR photography. The right photo can be what flips the switch in the right direction for a buyer. An expertly taken photo captures the buyers attention much faster than words and gives them a feeling other mediums just can’t.

Why HDR?

“high-dynamic-range” photography

By using a modern shooting technique in which we take 3-5 photos of the same shot so we can capture both sides of the light and dark spectrum. Thereafter, we use an advanced post processing software where we are able to compress those 3-5 photos into 1 magnificently detailed photo.

Twilight Photography

Capture the glow up

Capture that magical, fairytale looking picture. Shooting at golden hour, with the warm lights glowing from the house, combined with the absence of the suns harsh shadows, it creates a truly memorable image for any buyer.

Photo Gallery

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